Access principles

The Medicines Patent Pool proposes a set of Access Principles to ensure access to promising long acting technologies and their applications to underserved populations. The intellectual property holders of the technologies showcased in LAPaL have reviewed the following access principles, and have provided various degrees of commitment to these.

Collaborate for development

Consider on a case by case basis, collaborating on developing long acting products with potential significant public health impact, especially for low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), utilising the referred to long-acting technology

Share technical information for match-making assessment

Provide necessary technical information to a potential partner, under confidentiality agreement, to enable preliminary assessment of whether specific medicines of public health importance in LMICs might be compatible with the referred to long-acting technology to achieve a public health benefit

Work with MPP to expand access in LMICs

In the event that a product using the referred to long-acting technology is successfully developed, the technology IP holder(s) will work with the Medicines Patent Pool towards putting in place the most appropriate strategy for timely and affordable access in low and middle-income countries, including through licensing